West Hills Coalinga wins $200K NSF Grant for Advanced Welding Program


West Hills Coalinga Community College, a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) in California, was recently awarded a $200K Advanced Technician Education (ATE) grant from National Science Foundation (NSF). See also DUE 1700614. The award funds a program called “Welding Education Distance Community Outreach” (WELDCO) that is designed to meet the needs for a growing sector of advanced welding technicians in the west side of the Central Valley area in California.  The program seeks to transport and make mobile a successful, face-to-face, welding program and offer it in geographically isolated areas within the service area of the college where career and technical education (CTE) has been historically very limited. According to Timothy Ellsworth, PI,“ WELDCO is a cohort-specific curriculum design which includes variable integration of e-learning, Virtual Reality (VR) welding technology, and traditional training as a means of engaging nontraditional students.”  The success of this grant award is an outcome of working collaboratively with Science Foundation Arizona through the HSI KickStarter Process, under National Science Foundation Grant No. HRD-1450661.

 Tim Ellsworth, Principal Investigator, Agriculture Science and Technology


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