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SFAz thanks Governor Ducey for resolution of school lawsuit


Science Foundation Arizona and the Arizona STEM Network were very encouraged to learn that the parties to the education inflation lawsuit have agreed to end the court proceedings; and look forward to focusing our attention on the important work of creating a 21st Century workforce that can compete globally.


‘We thank the Governor for his leadership in bringing all sides to the table and finding the compromise that immediately sets the stage for a thorough policy discussion with the Legislature that focuses on improving K-12 education and workforce development,’ said Dr. William Harris, CEO of Science Foundation Arizona. Harris continued, ‘By eliminating the distraction of the lawsuit, Arizona now has a clear path to focus efforts to prepare children to be computational thinkers, to find measurable programs that influence Arizona kids to pursue a STEM career, to engage our JTEDs and community colleges in the vital work of workforce training, and concentrate university-based research in a way that produces both industry and high paying jobs.’


SFAz is a non-profit, committed to diversifying the state’s economy by developing programs and partnerships that stimulate joint industry and university research and development, to benefit state-based industries.

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