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SFAz Research investment leads to medical breakthrough in Automated Total Body Imaging


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Innovative System Revolutionizes Medical Imaging and Documentation

DermSpectra introduces medical breakthrough in Automated Total Body Imaging


TUCSON, Ariz. (April 3, 2014) — DermSpectra™, an Arizona-based, solutions-oriented medical device company, enters the consumer marketplace with the most innovative imaging system designed to revolutionize medical documentation.  The DermSpectra Automated Total Body Imaging System fills a key technology gap in the medical field, empowers physicians with a tool to accurately record skin and body changes over time and raises the bar for patient care.

DermSpectra has developed a system that seamlessly integrates automated whole body imaging with secure storage and an efficient viewing application to provide an image-centric based practice for medical providers. The DermSpectra system significantly enhances traditional methods of documentation and review. Currently in the initial rollout phase, one system is co-located at Southwest Skin Specialists, Ltd. at Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center in Scottsdale, Ariz., and a second system is located at DermSpectra LLC offices in Tucson, Ariz.

“The DermSpectra system is a medical breakthrough in automated total body imaging. We have been able to bring together some of the world’s experts in various fields of medicine, computer vision and imaging to bring innovation and advancement to medical imaging and automated documentation,” said Karleen Seybold, co-founder and CEO of DermSpectra. “With support from organizations such as Science Foundation Arizona, we were able to develop a best-in-class medical imaging system and bring our patented imaging technologies to market.”

Inspired by sophisticated satellite tracking surveillance technology in which accuracy is critical, DermSpectra offers dermatologists, primary care physicians, telemedicine centers, and cosmetic and plastic surgeons with a user-friendly system that is easily integrated into a medical office setting. The system provides the patient with a private, convenient and brief imaging session with the reassurance that their doctor has up-to-date electronic images on record.

Benefits of the DermSpectra Automated Total Body Imaging System include:

  • Comprehensive skin and body digital imaging documentation system
  • High-definition, accessible, standardized and reproducible images stored in a secure database
  • Accessible and affordable whole body digital imaging for all patients
  • Efficient viewing and annotation application for physicians
  • Automatic insertion into Electronic Health Records (EHR) or local/cloud storage
  • Potential revenue generator for practices

DermSpectra was founded by Karleen Seybold, a former senior engineer at Raytheon, and Dr. Clara Curiel, a leading skin cancer specialist. They received initial grant funding of $545,000 from Science Foundation Arizona–a nonprofit public-private partnership that makes strategic investments to generate tangible economic returns—and are poised to revolutionize the medical imaging and documentation industry with this advanced technology.

After two years, DermSpectra has a team of 20 software, system development, medical and business professionals, including a strong business advisory board including Dr. Richard Carmona, the 17th Surgeon General of the United States. Initially, the system was developed as image processing change detection software. It has evolved to target a larger gap in high-resolution image-based documentation systems for medical practices and clinical trials, and is currently in use in a clinical drug trial with University of Arizona/Genentech. The system provides physicians with a standardized template on which to track a patients’ history and is creating a shift in how imaging is used, from notes based practice to an image centric practice.

“We are pleased that the Science Foundation Arizona process, oversight and transparency continue to provide a strong return on investment for Arizona’s economic future,” said William Harris, CEO and president for Science Foundation Arizona. “We’re committed to helping enable innovation and are proud to have worked with DermSpectra in providing grant funding to develop this important technology.”

DermSpectra is currently working within a multitude of health care settings including private practices, imaging centers, hospitals, telemedicine centers and clinical trial sites to customize the seamless image-based documentation and archiving system. The first of many, in 2013, DermSpectra installed the system in a high volume private dermatology practice in Scottsdale, Ariz. During the pilot study, the system received overwhelmingly positive feedback from patients on their enhanced level of confidence in care regarding whole body imaging. Creating a high resolution standardized imaged based record of skin changes over time is a first step in skin cancer early detection.

About DermSpectra™

DermSpectra™ is a Tucson, Ariz.-based solutions-oriented medical device company. The DermSpectra Automated Total Body Imaging System is revolutionizing the way physicians will record skin and body changes over time. The state-of-the-art digital imaging system provides an accessible, unique and non-invasive documentation system that rapidly captures high definition, standardized and reproducible body photographic images. These images are securely delivered to a physician’s office computer or tablet and automatically attached to the practice’s Electronic Health Record or local storage system. For more information about DermSpectra, visit the website at


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