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SFAz Launches Online STEM Education Community and Resource Bank for Teachers and Industry in Arizona


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Science Foundation Arizona Launches Online STEM Education Community and Resource Bank for Teachers
and Industry in Arizona
The Arizona STEM Network to help graduate more students prepared for the global economy


PHOENIX (Nov. 5, 2014) – The Arizona STEM Network, led by Science Foundation Arizona, has recently launched a 21st century collaboration platform to enable businesses, educators, government and philanthropy across the state to help Arizona graduate more students prepared for the global economy.

The free Network is focused on enabling partner organizations to create meaningful business engagement opportunities in education, strengthen teacher effectiveness in STEM, integrate STEM into schools and districts, change the culture and community fabric to embrace STEM and ultimately to measure outcomes.

Since its launch, there are a total of 519 members that have registered with the free network including 368 K-12 teachers. Educators in other states, as well as Canada and Kazakhstan, have also joined the platform to utilize the tools. Teachers and businesses continue to join the network daily.

“Through the collaboration platform, businesses can directly connect with educators in all parts of Arizona and support STEM learning,” said William Harris, president and CEO of Science Foundation Arizona. “The program fosters a sense of community and provides teachers with insight into current workplace competencies and students with opportunities to explore different career paths, shadowing and internships.”

The platform is also a great resource for teachers — they can access Tools4Teachers, which contains materials for implementing a STEM program, the latest STEM school policy, STEM content and resources, professional development tools and outreach and partnership information.

“The AZ STEM Network brings together extraordinary teachers and resources for taking STEM to the next level in the classroom. It makes me a better teacher, hands down,” said Mariano Guerra, M.Ed, and the 2013 Arizona Middle School Science Teacher of the Year from Mountain Sky Junior High.

The Arizona STEM Network is a backbone organization providing value to the statewide STEM community through:

  • Scaling successful education programs to achieve greater impact and to reach more students and teachers.
  • Enhancing efficiency and effectiveness through continuous communication and coordination among network partners.
  • Maximizing philanthropic donations by identifying high impact programs and activities with a proven track record of return on investment and leveraging resources throughout the STEM education ecosystem.
  • Engaging business through the STEM Advocates program, which matches business volunteers with schools in need.
  • Providing expert assistance through access to best-in-class tools, program certification and validated metrics to measure progress.

The Arizona STEM Network site is free to join and contains more than 400 STEM specific resources including professional STEM guides and resources aimed at enhancing a teacher’s ability to offer quality rigorous STEM curriculum and programs.

Businesses that want to get involved in education often aren’t sure how to engage. Educators who want assistance from business partners don’t know whom to ask. The AZ STEM Network’s business advocate program provides a technology solution for businesses to connect with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) educators. Businesses may become a business advocate by visiting

Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold Foundation and the Helios Education Foundation provide major funding for the STEM Network. The STEM Network is a trusted partner for all entities that provides new and useful knowledge and research-based solutions to community efforts to improve STEM education. But it is also a tool for the business community to leverage its resources, and assist in implementing STEM programs throughout the state to build the workforce we so desperately need to grow and maintain a strong economy.

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Science Foundation Arizona (SFAz) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization initiated in 2006 by the Greater Phoenix Leadership Inc., Southern Arizona Leadership Council and the Flagstaff Forty in conjunction with the executive and legislative branches of state government. SFAz serves as a catalyst for high-wage, knowledge-based jobs and economic diversity through administration and strict oversight of research, development and education grants to public education and other non-profit research performing institutions. For more information, visit and like us on Facebook.


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