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Arizonans want a strong economy, a good education system and the availability of high-quality, high-paying jobs. Science Foundation Arizona (SFAz) was established in 2006 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit public/private partnership to address exactly those issues.  But we need your support to do it and ensure that we continue to create a better economic future for all Arizonans.

Since inception, SFAz has awarded more than 150 individual grants totally over $110M, which has led to 1,865 direct jobs, 207 patents filed and/or issued, 24 technology companies formed in Arizona and 23 technology licenses in place. Additionally, SFAz’s STEM initiatives have impacted more than 385,000 students and more than 10,600 teachers.

Online contributions are limited to $1,000. Should you wish to make a larger donation, please contact Karen Lord at 602-682-2800 or

Checks for either SFAz can be sent to SFAz directly at 400 E. Van Buren Street, Suite 200, Phoenix, AZ 85004.

Thank you again for your contribution and for helping create a bright future for Arizonans today and for generations to come.

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Other Ways to Support SFAz

Do you shop online?  Amazon allows a small portion of any portion from them to be donated to SFAz.  Simply set up your account at Smile.Amazon.Com, designate Science Foundation Arizona as your charity, and a portion of all purchases will be donated to us.

Bequests—Leave a lasting legacy by putting SFAz in your will.
The following language can be used to provide for Science Foundation in your will:

“I hereby bequeath ______ to Science Foundation Arizona, a non-profit organization incorporated by the laws of Arizona and having its principal office at 400 E. Van Buren Street, 2nd floor, Phoenix, AZ 85004.”

If you already have a will, you can simply add a codicil specifying a gift of one of the following:

  • Fixed amount: You specify a dollar amount or asset in your will for SFAz.
  • Percentage: You name a percentage of your estate for SFAz. This allows the size of your gift to adjust to your financial circumstances.
  • Residual: Once your family and friends are remembered and all your debts and taxes settled, SFAz receives all or a percentage of whatever remains in your estate.
  • Contingent: Name SFAz as a contingent beneficiary in case your primary beneficiaries pre-decease you.

Return Policy

Credit Card Online Donations

No Refunds/Returns.  SFAz has no automatic return policy in place currently for donations made online. However, should you experience difficulty entering your credit card data or feel you have entered an incorrect amount of a donation, please contact Lina Zaragoza in our office at 602.682.2800 for assistance.


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