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Science Foundation Arizona to Launch New Phase of STEM Mentoring For Sierra Vista Community



Former Deputy to the Commanding General, Jerry Proctor, to assist with the Effort

PHOENIX, AZ, October 7, 2015 – Science Foundation Arizona (SFAz) will kickoff the new phase of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) team mentoring for the Sierra Vista community at an event held at Rio Salado Community College on Wednesday, October 7. The event will showcase the previous history and progress of team mentoring and the development of STEM Community Centers in Tucson, Flagstaff and Central Arizona. SFAz is announcing the newest edition of Sierra Vista to the statewide list of STEM Community Centers through a grant supported by the Arizona Community Foundation. SFAz will promote broader engagement of the citizenry in Sierra Vista by engaging the community in STEM opportunities that were not previously known or available. SFAz provides mentor-focused programming and support for K-12 classroom teachers and students by engaging individuals from graduate, post-doctoral and early career faculty roles.

Years of experience and ongoing research demonstrates the very real impact mentoring has on the recruitment and retention of students. When fewer than 6% of students entering high school graduate from college with STEM degrees, early mentoring is of exceptional value for long-term success. When communities have access to STEM education and mentoring, the community workforce becomes stronger and more career opportunities can emerge.

SFAz is excited to welcome and introduce Sierra Vista to the existing STEM Community Centers of Flagstaff, Tucson and Central Arizona and looks forward to engaging Sierra Vista in future STEM opportunities and team mentoring.  This new phase of educational opportunities in Sierra Vista builds on many years of Southern Arizona programs, which include Cochise College and Fort Huachuca.  SFAz recently hired Jerry Proctor, former Deputy to the Commanding General, US Army Intelligence Center as SFAz’s Southern Arizona Ambassador, drawing upon his singular understanding of the importance of developing individuals with strong mentoring skills, community outreach partnerships, and strategic networking as skills necessary for the 21st century workforce.

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