STEM Pathways Assessment
Pathway Components STEM Outreach and Career Exploration
Foundational Knowledge and Skills
Transferable Certifications and Degrees
Answer these questions first. A: Does your Community College offer activities and events that generate enthusiasm and engage interest in STEM-related career fields prior to college?
B: Does your community college provide educational programs and strategies that improve students’ foundational STEM knowledge and skills?
C: Does your community college offer job experiences and competency-based programs with assessments that align to industry-recognized credentials?
Resources, processes and strategies that encourage student success.
A1: Does your Community College incorporate strategies in your outreach activities and events that encourage student exploration of STEM careers?
B1: Do your Community College educational programs include resources, processes and strategies that lead students to achieving foundational STEM knowledge and skills?
C1: Do the Student-support strategies at your Community College help students optimize course selection and credits earned toward a stackable credential or degree?
Vital to keeping schools current, providing teachers with resources, and capturing student interest in STEM careers.
A2: Does industry play a supporting role in your Community College’s outreach activities and events to help capture student interest in STEM Careers?
B2: Do Industry partners contribute to your Community College STEM program development and mentor students in real world experiences?
C2: Does your Community College partner with Industry to offer internships, apprenticeships, and job-shadowing experiences that guide students to earning industry-recognized certifications and degrees?
Integrated across the Pathway to provide better access to education resources, virtual tours, internships and mentorship.
A3: Do your college outreach activities and events offer access to technology labs and technical equipment that generate student interest and awareness of STEM careers?
B3: Does your Community College offer programs with hands-on learning experiences where technology is utilized to access instruction and student learning opportunities at the college and between institutions?
C3: Does your Community College offer Technical equipment that is available at industry for students to gain the appropriate experience and prepare for competency-based testing and certifications?
Ensures that all course credits count toward a credential.
A4: Do your college outreach activities and events inform parents and students about curricular alignment to STEM career programs?
B4: Does your Community College offer dual enrollment or Early College STEM academy(ies), including intrusive advisement that lead students to success?
C4: Does your Community College partner with Industry to align curriculum with industry-recognized certifications and include credits that transfer toward stackable degree programs?
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