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Grand Canyon University and Science Foundation AZ Promoting Computer Science for All Students in Arizona


July 29, 2016: In the state of Arizona, when asked, 90% of parents said that they want their child’s school to teach Computer Science. Even teachers, 56% percent of them in fact, believe Computer Science should be required in schools. Unfortunately, only one in four schools in the state teach it. (2015 Gallop Poll-Google).

Grand Canyon University (GCU) and Science Foundation AZ (SFAz) have decided it is time to change that number.

GCU and SFAz have been recognized by ( as Arizona’s Professional Learning Partner joining forces to bring Computer Science to every school and every student, especially women and underrepresented students of color.

For elementary schools in the Greater Phoenix area GCU is providing FREE high quality 1-day Computer Science Fundamentals Workshops for Elementary throughout the year. This workshop will prepare teachers to introduce computer science basics in their classes and/or in school STEM-related programs, in a format that’s fun, accessible and relevant to elementary learners.  Participants will receive free curriculum, lunch and 6 professional development hours. To register for a FREE 6-hour workshop at GCU, please visit

For elementary schools outside of the Phoenix area facilitators can come to you! Teachers will receive the same free 1-day, 6 hour workshop at your school or district if 25 or more elementary educators can attend. Anywhere in the state!

For high schools, Arizona’s Professional Learning Partners are supporting 10 high school teachers from across Arizona in their instruction of AP Computer Science Principles for 2016-17. Teachers will make immediate application of this new curriculum organized around seven big ideas which are foundational to studying Computer Science. The seven teaching points are Creativity, Abstraction, Data and Information, Algorithms, Programming, the Internet, and Global Impact.

For middle schools, beginning in Spring 2017, Computer Science Discoveries, an introductory Computer Science course will empower students to create authentic artifacts and engage with Computer Science as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, and fun for middle schools will complete the K-12 Computer Science Pathway

Grand Canyon University, Science Foundation Arizona, and have dedicated this program to bringing computer science to all students in Arizona, building a strong computer science pathway toward college and career ready students.

Please join us on November 12, from 5:30-7:00pm at the GCU Golf Course to learn more about how we can advocate to make Arizona a prominent leader in Computer Science education.

To learn how your school can participate or how together we can advocate for computer science in Arizona, contact Kathryn Scott-GCU ( or Linda Coyle-SFAz (

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