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We harness the power of community by providing educators, donors and business leaders with the resources needed to measure performance and make a real difference for students across the state.

Arizona STEM Network

unnamedThe Arizona STEM Network, led by Science Foundation Arizona, is a collaboration between businesses, educators, government and philanthropy with a common agenda to graduate more Arizona students prepared for the global economy through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. The Arizona STEM Network (Network), enjoys support from Arizona’s former and current Governor, large corporations, CEO organizations and philanthropies.

To achieve its vision of a qualified Arizona workforce that stimulates the economy, the Network is focused on the following:

  • Creating meaningful business engagement opportunities in education
  • Strengthening teacher effectiveness in STEM
  • Integrating STEM into schools and districts
  • Changing the culture and community fabric to embrace STEM
  • Measuring outcomes

Within these areas, the Network will work toward scaling proven successes, building an infrastructure to support and expand the work of multiple organizations, and instituting technologies and practices that enable information and resources to be shared statewide.

Arizona's Champions of STEM Education

Enabling Teachers and Students

A first-of-its-kind strategic effort to help improve Arizona’s educational system for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Why STEM Education is Important

“Innovation – primarily through the invention, development, and profusion of new technologies – is the fundamental source of economic progress, and inventive activity is strongly associated with economic growth in metropolitan areas and nationally. Technological innovation, in turn, usually requires the expertise of specialists with knowledge in fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).”

- Brookings

STEM Immersion Guide

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The STEM Immersion Guide is a comprehensive framework for Arizona schools and districts to integrate STEM education. The Guide:

  • Supports the development of project-based, interdisciplinary STEM instruction
  • Provides practical tools and information to assist educators who want to improve student outcomes by integrating STEM
  • Was developed by the Arizona STEM Network in collaboration with the Maricopa County Education Association

Visit the STEM Immersion Guide

STEM Club Guide

stemclubguidePicThe purpose of this guide is to illustrate the characteristics, attributes and benefits of STEM Clubs. Teachers and administrators can use the guide to help set up a STEM Club or improve an existing club.  Businesses can use the guide to learn how to support the efforts of STEM clubs.

Visit the STEM Club Guide

STEM Education Resource Guide

stemeducationLinksScience Foundation Arizona (SFAz) and the AZ STEM Network created the Educator Resource Page in support of its strategic plan to support and enhance STEM programs in and around the state.  In order to provide a variety of multi-faceted resources for teachers, administrators and academic support staff, the Educator Resource Page focuses on building a wide variety of content rich resources and links aligned to five different categories.  In addition the site provides a simplified, user-friendly model for searching existing STEM resources by the content labels of S-T-E-M.

Visit the STEM Education Links Page

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