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When Community Colleges and Universities Collaborate, Everyone Wins

Earning an engineering degree is hard work, however smart, talented and motivated a student may be. Among all engineering students, only 41 percent graduate. The numbers are lower for women and minority students. Yet improving these numbers is neither insurmountable nor magical. It takes clear planning and a methodical approach, particularly when students start their education in community college and must transfer to a four-year institution.
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Getting the Credit You Earned: The Importance of Stackable Credentials

It’s appealing to imagine a linear climb up the career ladder, but the reality is often more circuitous—or messy. The building blocks of a technical career increasingly may include a mix of degrees, certificates, industry certifications and other credentials. That lively collection of experience and training can be confusing for potential employers, causing them to miss or misunderstand actual competencies when they are assessing candidates for available positions.
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